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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eco Tools Limited Edition Kabuki Set

Trying out my Blogger app on my iPhone right now. Kind of a challenge to type...

I got this Kabuki brush set at Target a few days ago and I'm enjoying them so far. Ecotools make really soft and affordable makeup brushes. These are no exception. They're also sort of cute. I find them ideal for travel. I just wish they had slightly longer handles so I can store them in a cup on my vanity.

They cost about $15 for the set.

Monday, January 2, 2012

My Broken Blush

I bought a bunch of stuff from E.L.F. a while back when they had a sale and was really disappointed when one of my blushes came broken. It was no surprise as they are only $3 each. At that price, I knew I still had a good deal. The blush itself had good pigmentation. I kept the blush and used it occasionally. My only issue was making sure it didn’t make a mess when I opened the case or dipped my brush in it.

One day, I was strolling around YouTube and found some videos on how to press eye shadow pigments and repair broken make up. All you need were a few items, mainly a bottle of alcohol.


My Broken Blush ( Berry Merry from E.L.F.)


I used the handle-end of a makeup brush to crush the blush into a fine powder, getting rid of the “clumps”


Next, using any common rubbing alcohol, I poured some onto the blush. Careful not to put too much.




Using a t-shirt cut out and the cap of my perfume as a flat surface, I pressed the blush powder back into the pan. I used a makeup spatula before that to scoop some of the blush that may have spread out of the pan.



The texture of the t-shirt left a pattern on the surface, which is alright. Maybe next time I try this I need to find a smoother textured cloth.


                BEFORE                                                     AFTER

I cleaned up the edges with a cotton tip and let it dry overnight. Now I don’t have to worry about the blush making a mess on my vanity!


I bought a bunch of eye shadow pigments from Urban Decay’s website when they had a sale. I think the pigments were about $2 each. I plan on pressing them into pans then storing them into palettes when I get the time and supplies.


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