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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My favorite hair color

I have recently been dyeing my hair a medium brown color. For years I used Loreal Feria then a few months before our family vacation in the Philippines, I stopped coloring my hair in anticipation of having my hair straightened by “bonding”.

It’s been a few months since my hair was straightened and I am starting to see the waves grow out. I needed a changed and color was my answer. I decided to try another brand and went with Garnier’s Iced Macchiato. After a few weeks of wearing this color, I was about to color my hair back to it’s natural black color as winter is approaching, but suddenly I was getting compliments on how good the color looked on me. I guess I’ll keep it this color for a bit longer…



  1. Thanks for this post. I'm actually thinking of dyeing my hair and this color is very pretty and looks natural.

  2. you straighten your hair? remember when you lived with us and my hair started getting wavy and we used a bunch of gel to slick it down. my hair naturally straightened out over the past few years and i hate it. i love texture.