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Friday, October 28, 2011

Cure Natural Aqua Peeling Gel


I got a few samples of this in the mail yesterday and I was soooooo excited to try it. I watched some YouTube gurus rave about this product and got sucked into buying it. I didn’t buy the full sized  product as it is extremely pricey… but after trying it, I intend to get a full size bottle soon.

It is a product of Japan. If you can read the description above, 1 bottle is sold every 20 seconds. I bought it online and the link to the website is down below. It is about $34-56 a bottle depending on where you buy it.

The instructions say to place a small amount of gel unto your fingertips and gently rub it in. You will immediately see the effects. I noticed a white flakey substance form of the surface of my face – that is supposed to be the layer of dead skin cells coming off. After a few minutes of rubbing it into my entire face, I rinsed it off with warm water. I patted my face dry and I was amazed on how soft and smooth my skin felt. It felt so very refreshing. It is the BEST exfoliator I have ever tried.

There was no irritation nor redness. It was extremely gentle.

After using this, I went ahead and continued on with my night skin care regimen,which is mainly my treatment of Benzyl Peroxide, AHA and moisturizer – which by the way, has almost totally rid me of acne breakouts. My breakouts has left me with multiple hyperpigmentation and scarring. I am hoping this product will speed up the process of this spots disappearing. 


See the white flakes? That’s my layer of “dead skin cells”



Happy I found this product!




Instructions in English. Thank God, coz the packaging is all in Japanese, except for the name of the product!




My little sample – got 4 for about $4.



You can buy here - cheapest site so far!

or here - $40

or here - $42

OR get free samples here!!!!! (Like I did)

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