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Saturday, October 8, 2011

September Faves

Yup, just like a typical Filipino, I’m late again. But It’s better late than never, as they always say. I picked a few things this month that I would like to share as stuff I have been loving this last September.

The first one is the lip scrub by Lush in “Sweet Lips”. My lips are always peeling making it a pain to wear lipstick as it makes the dry, peeling skin on my lips so obvious. I’ve been on a hunt for something to keep my lips smooth and lip balm wasn’t enough. Then I took my first trip to Lush to get me some of that famous Sex Bomb bath bomb and saw a bowl of these and other flavors at the register. I love this! After rubbing a pinch of this on my lips, I usually lick it off. (Mmmmmm) But to get all the sugar off, I follow up by rinsing it off with water.


Of course after exfoliating my lips, I moisturize. I heard about the E.O.S. lip balm from one of my favorite YouTube gurus, emilynoel83. She said she got a set of these at Walgreen’s. Like the shopping addict that I am, I went there first thing. I got the set that she talked about. Then recently I’ve seen them in Walmart. I LOVE the shape they are in! Those little balls are soooooo cute! They work well, too! EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth.


My favorite heat protectant spray right now is this one from TRESemme. I’m not sure if it really works. I need more time to use it and determine if it’s really preventing heat damage to my hair. I just have seen it a lot on YouTube and tried it. It smells nice and it’s CHEAP. I have tried the high-end brands like Joico, CHI and Paul Mitchell. So far, none have really prevented my hair from frying. This one costs less that $4 at Walmart AND I’ve been using lots of coupons and actually have gotten several of these as a BOGO!!!!


I have been using the same perfume for years… Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren. I love it coz when I smell it on me, I think “water”. BUT I’ve discovered a new scent and convinced my loving husband to buy me a bottle. It’s Chance by Channel – the green one. He bought me a small bottle (I wish he got me a BIG bottle, but it costs $95!). The smell is fresh… reminds me of a garden.


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  1. Hey Roxanne! I think you'll like the NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Makeup and it's very affordable $2.99! I'm actually surprised that Deep Beige worked for me. It's their darkest shade and thank goodness it looks ok on me lol. In that makeup look, I applied it with a wet sponge, so it was sheered out.