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Friday, October 7, 2011

MUFE Eyebrow Corrector


My obsession in makeup started when I searched on YouTube tutorials on eyebrow shaping. Previous to this, I was having my brows threaded and filling them in with MAC eye shadow in espresso. But during the course a 12-hr shift, my eyebrows would slowly disappear, especially when I get greasy. I notice there are eyebrows out there that have really good staying power. I wanted eyebrows like that… and so my search began.

During my search, I came across a YouTube guru named “eyezonumakeup”. I swear, this girl has the most perfect eyebrows! In one of her tutorials, she demonstrates the Make Up For Ever Eyebrow Corrector. I went out to Sephora and got me a tube. It is my absolute favorite make up. The staying factor is fantastic! It lasts me all day (or all night when I’m working). I’m pretty sure one tube will last you a long time as I only need a small drop of the liquid for each use. One just has to be careful when applying this as too much may look way too harsh. So, for $19 a tube, it’s a decent deal.

It comes in four shades. I use No. 3.

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